Active Materials
Central Cluster Anthology Published on 20 December 2021

Cover of publication »Active Materials«, edited by: Peter Fratzl, Michael Friedman, Karin Krauthausen and Wolfgang Schäffner. Published December 2021. Copyright: De Gruyter


The Power of Water
Postponed to May: A Workshop on Water as a Unique Element in Conservation

The power of water. Copyright: Johanna Hoffmann and Lisa Herold

Anthology »Modell Hütte« Published
Contributions from the Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Design Approach the Hut as a Model

Cover »Modell Hütte«. Copyright: diaphanes Verlag

ExC Matters of Activity
@exc_moa, 28.1.2022
RT @scioi_cluster: 📢WE ARE HIRING! 📢 Check out these exciting #jobs at @scioi_cluster! 1) #Postdoc in #Robotics, #ComputerVision, #Machin
Student Assistant in the Project »Cutting« (m/f/d)
40h per Month, Limited until 31 December 2022, Extension Possible – MoA_01_2022

Collage, Paleontological Volume with One Point Perspective Grid. Copyright: Lucas Rodrigues

Performance and Politics
MoA Member Karin Krauthausen in Conversation with Milo Rau at the Mosse Lectures

Poster Mosse Lectures 2021/22

STEM on a Mission
Cluster Members Mario Cypko and Julia Blumenthal on a Career in Medical Informatics and What 3D Printing Has to Do With That

STEM on a mission: medical informatics. Copyright: MINT Magie (Familie Redlich for Bundesministerium for Education & Research)

From the Practice of Interdisciplinary Education: Coding IxD Project goes into the Sixth Round

»Digital:Sovereignity«. Copyright: Project Coding IXD

Dis/Entangling Perspectives in Material Research
Online Lecture Series Starting on 25 October 2021, every Monday 4:15 pm–5:45 pm (CEST)

Poster »Dis/Entangling Perspectives in Material Research«. Copyright: Matters of Activity | Image: Michaela Büsse

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RT @PalmaLab_: RT appreciated! 📢 Surface Physics/Chemistry PhD opening available immediately @HumboldtUni @IRISAdlershof @berlinscience in…
Podcast Optimal Neuro|spine – Episode with Thomas Picht on Digital Neurosurgery
Cluster Professor Interviewed by US-American Neurosurgeon and Podcaster Max Boakye

Image Podcast Optimal neuro|spine. Copyright: 2022 Optimal neuro|spine

Digital Fellows at the Cluster
Mental Representations of Tactile Information
Neuroscientist Timo Torsten Schmidt about the Central Question of How Mental Representations are Realized by our Brains

Scaling Nature (1): Wrinkles«: Liquid Lacquer. Copyright: weißensee school of art and design berlin / Luis Magg | Bacterial cellulose curtain. Copyright: Bastian Beyer and Iva Rešetar

Exhibition »Stretching Materialities«
Hidden Activities in Objects and Spaces at Tieranatomisches Theater

MoA Exhibition »Stretching Materialities«. Copyright: Offshore Design

Virtual Cluster Space as Best Practice in Science Communication
Project Introduction at »Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation« 2021

Visual Recording Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation 2021. Copyright: Lorna Schütte for »Wissenschaft im Dialog«

ExC Matters of Activity
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Want to be part of an #interdisciplinary research team? Our project #Cutting is looking for a #Student Assistant fr…
Tipping Points: Plastic, Contingent and Unstable Matters
Annual Conference of the Cluster on 16 & 17 November

Tipping Points. Copyright: Josef Luis Pelz & NODE Berlin Oslo

Intelligence Without a Brain – Soft Robotics
Alexander von Humboldt Professor of Robotics Oliver Brock About the Fine-Tuned Interplay Between Brain, Body, and Environment

Poster Online Lecture Series »Talking Matters«, Copyright: Lucius Fekonja, Bastian Beyer, Iva Rešetar, adapted by NODE Berlin

Filtering Legacies – Filtering Wasted Environments
Workshop on 11–12 November

Poster »Filtering Legacies«. Copyright: Sandia National Laboratories, Michel Brill, 1993 & NODE Berlin

Berlin Science Week 2021
MoA Members Contribute to the International Science Festival in Early November
Variety of Viewpoints
MoA Member Karin Krauthausen in Conversation about Paul Valéry on the Occasion of the Philosopher's 150th Birthday

The desk of Paul Valéry with a cahier (workbook), ca. 1935. Copyright: Laure Albin-Guillot / Roger-Viollet; Centre Pompidou

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RT @scioi_cluster: Tomorrow (4pm) @scioi_cluster PI @sprekeler will talk about recent advances in machine learning software, which allow to…
»Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'intelligence de la main® 2021«
Cluster Professor Patricia Ribault Member of the Jury for the Prestigious French Prize that Rewards Expertise, Creativity, and Innovation in the Crafts

Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l’intelligence de la main® 2021, Jury Members and Laureates. Copyright: Olaf Avenati

Material Negotiations: Practices of Biodesign
Virtual Symposium on 8 October

Poster virtual symposium »Material Negotiations«. Copyright: Julia Lohmann, adapted by NODE Berlin

»Exzellent erklärt – Spitzenforschung für alle«
New Science Podcast of All Clusters of Excellence Now Online

Podcast »Exzellent erklärt«, Episode 1: Tactile Internet. Copyright: Exzellenz erklärt; Image: CeTI/TU Dresden

Brain Networks and Language Function
Latest Research Results by MoA Members Published in the Renowned Journal »Cortex«

Lesion overlay map of brain tumor patients, Copyright: Lucius Fekonja

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@NicolaMoczek @HumboldtLabor Danke für das ehrliche Feedback! Die @HumboldtUni, das @HumboldtLabor & wir arbeiten s…
Why We Need to Rethink Cutting in Neurosurgery
Article by Members of the MoA »Cutting« Project Published in Journal »Neurosurgery«

Fantastic Voyage 2021. Copyright: Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2021

Humboldt Lab Finally Open to the Public
Exhibition Opening »After Nature« on 20 July 2021

»Stone Web« (Design: Idalene Rapp and Natasha Unger) at the exhibition »After Nature« at Humboldt Labor. Copyright: Matters of Activity, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Research Wall »Scripts«. Copyright: schnellebuntebilder | Exhibition Architecture. Copyright: Inside Outside | Petra Blaisse

Bacteria as Architects
Interview with Bastian Beyer and Skander Hathroubi

Still from Interview with Bastian Beyer and Skander Hathroubi showing the making of parts of the »Active Curtain Project« shown at the exhibition »After Nature« at Humboldt Lab. Copyright: Anne von Petersdorff ( for Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Matters of Activity Film at Humboldt Lab
Cluster Video Online Now

All 7 Berlin Clusters of Excellence are represented with a film at the foyer at Humboldt Lab. Copyright: Matters of Activity, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Can Bacteria Spin a Yarn? We Need a New Culture of Materials
Cluster Members Opened Event Series »MitWissenschaft/ WeSearch« at the Humboldt Forum

Can Bacteria Spin a Yarn? Kick-Off event »MitWissenschaft/ WeSearch«, Humboldt Forum Berlin, 29 April 2021. Copyright: Humbolt Forum

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And once on-site, you could combine your appointment with a visit to the »After Nature« exhibition, which includes…
Master Open Design
Cohort 2021-2023 Virtual Semester Kick-Off

Copyright: Ilkin Taşdelen, Ana Vila, Master Open Design

Passivity Matters! Transience and Conservation Practices. Examples from the 18th Century until Today: A Talk by Nina Samuel

Berlin Museum of Medical History at Charité in 360° – Knowledge Room of MoA’s Virtual Cluster Space. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Joint Project of The Clusters of Excellence »Matters of Activity« and »Science of Intelligence«: Wenn Materie lebendig wird
New Funding for Experimental Laboratories of Science Communication from the Berlin University Alliance

Copyright: Felix Noak, ExC Science of Intelligence

Soft Fibrous Structures: Spatial Concepts for Cellulose Biofilms: A Talk by Bastian Beyer and Iva Rešetar

Bacterial Cellulose Environment in 360° – Knowledge room for the lecture »Soft Fibrous Structures: Spatial Concepts for Cellulose Biofilms«. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Natural Active Materials: A Talk by Peter Fratzl

MicroCT Laboratory at Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam in 360° – Knowledge Room of MoA’s Virtual Cluster Space. Copyright: Matters of Activity

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RT @mosse_lectures: [reminder]: Morgen, ab 19.15 Uhr: Die Mosse Lecture an der @HumboldtUni mit Milo Rau (@iipm_milorau) und Karin Krautha…
Welcome to our Virtual Cluster Space

3D Anchor Room of Annual Conference. Design by Helen Galliker and Object Space Agency. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Symbolic Material

Symbolic Material. Copyright: Myfanwy Evans, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo

Co-Director Peter Fratzl Receives Highest Award for an Engineer
Elected to United States National Academy of Engineering
Material Form Function

Copyright: Matters of Activity

MoA Blog
Launch of a New Publishing Platform

Copyright: Matters of Activity

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In the latest episode of #exzellenterklaert #CLICCS talks about the #ClimateCrisis from a sociological perspective…
New Research Group »Adaptive Fibrous Materials«
Members Charlett Wenig and Johanna Hehemeyer-Cürten Were Awarded 2nd Place at Idea Competition of »Die Junge Akademie« for »The Bark Project«

»The Bark Project«, Charlett Wenig. Copyright: Patrick Walter, MPIKG

Exploring Filtering
A Short Project on the Filtering Process

Exploring Fitering. Copyright: Veronika Aumann, Thomas Ness

Matters of Writing
3rd Open Design – Academic Encounters Online

Matters of Writing. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Open Science Statement

Fiber tractography delineating the white matter of the brain. Copyright: Lucius Fekonja, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.

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We are especially looking forward to the next Mosse Lecture this Thursday, January 13th, at 7:15 p.m. It will defin…
Object Space Agency

Flour Cloud. Copyright: Clemens Winkler, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo

Where Analog Solutions are More Efficient than Digital Ones
Interview with Peter Fratzl in Austrian »DerStandard«

Cellulose in E. coli biofilm. Copyright: Diego Serra & Regine Hengge, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.


Filters. Copyright: NODE Berlin Oslo

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Check out this great video and learn more about #medical #informatics with MoA researcher Mario Cypko!…