On Activity
A joint symposium on Activity and Materiality
MoA Design Studio: Scaling Nature (2): Fibers, Muscles, Bones
Final presentation at weissensee school of art and design, Berlin

Scaling Nature (2): Fibers, Muscles, Bones: Interim Presentation. Copyright: Antje Nestler

Membranes as Molecular Machines
A workshop on Active Matter and the Remaking of Life

Images from slide collections, 1970s. Top, molecular models of retinal; center left, bleached purple membrane in cuvette, center right: chemically modified preparations of purple membrane in centrifuge tubes, bottom left: Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, 1974 (© www.luftbild-bertram.de ); bottom right: electron micrograph of cell surface. By courtesy of D. Oesterhelt, Martinsried.

MoA Design Studio: Scaling Nature (1): Wrinkles
at NuThinkers during Domotex Tradefair in Hanover

Design Studio »Scaling Nature (1): Wrinkels«, Design: Juni Neyenhuys and Stefanie Eichler. Copyright: weißensee kunsthochschule berlin 

Open Science Statement
Hybrid Design
Augmented Reality for Designers
Interim Presentation
Animal Materialities
Compositions and Practices in the History of Science
»Brain Roads« Workshop, October 2019
Exploring the White Matter of the Human Brain

Copyright: Olaf Avenati

Thanks for a Succesfull MoA Retreat
November 1st–3rd, 2019

Cacao Cloud by Clemens Winkler. Copyright: Michelle Mantel

»Standardisierung und Naturalisierung«

Müller, M., Neubert, C., eds. 2019. Standardisierung und Naturalisierung. Automatismen. Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink.

MoA Talks
John Nyakatura: The Anatomy of Movement and Nature's Design. Vertebrate Function, Evolution, and Scaling

Copyright: John Nyakatura

Weaving in Different Disciplines
with Dr. Ellen Harlizius-Klück

The weaving/braiding robots are part of an experimental setting of the ERC group PENELOPE. Credits by Karin Krauthausen.

MoA Talks
Interdisciplinary lecture series at weißensee academy of art berlin
New Paper by John Nyakatura et al.
Festive Opening HZK
Cluster Member Stefan Zieme Awarded the 2019 Adler-Mansfield Prize

Adler Planetarium Chicago. Copyright: James Willamor/ Creative Commons

New Paper by Rosario Tomasello et al.
Object Space Agency
Material Form Function
Symbolic Material