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Matters of Activity
Talking Wool – Wool in Exchange
Activating Circular Networks Event Series Will Kick Off on 1 June at Uferhallen Wedding

Talking Wool. Image: Mina Mahouti. Copyright: Hanna Wiesener

Production Line Sheep Wool in Exchange with Mushroom and Hemp
Workshop on Insulation Materials from Raw Wool With Folke Köbberling, Natalija Miodragovic, Stella Maxeiner und Andrija Mihailovic

The raw materials sheep’s wool and clay are processed into protective walls against noise and exhaust fumes for Tempelhofer Feld. Copyright: Folke Köbberling

Examples to Follow!
Cluster Members Contribute to Exhibition in Uferhallen Wedding

Keyvisual Exhibition »Zur Nachahmung empfohlen«, Berlin, Uferhallen Wedding May to June 2023. Copyright: Jennifer Allora​ ​u​n​d​ ​Guillermo Calzadilla, from »U​n​d​e​r​ Discussion«, 2​0​0​4​/2​0​0​5​, c​o​u​r​t​e​s​y​ ​t​h​e​ ​a​r​t​i​s​t​s, adapted by ​a​n​s​c​h​l​a​e​g​e​.​d​e​

Experiments with Hydrogels
MoA Young International Fellow Tairan Li Explores Buffer Materials with Ever-Changing Properties for Architectural Design

Experiments with Hydrogels. Copyright: Tairan (Aurora) Li, Daniel Suarez, Dr. Bastian Beyer

Aerial Witness/ing
Speculative Workshop on July 25th-29th During »The Future of Life Summer School«

Workshop »Aerial Witness/ing«. Copyright: The Future of Life School, Clemens Winkler

MY-CO PLACE – Architecture of Sustainable Growth
Cluster Member Vera Meyer Opens Transdisciplinary Urban Laboratory as Learning Station, Exhibition Space and Discussion Platform at TU Berlin

Fungi as Building Material. Copyright: Vera Meyer, MY-CO PLACE

Dis_abled Nature
Talk by Siegfried Saerberg and Robert Stock at the Humboldt Lab

As part of the performance »Tender Absence«, Siegfried Saerberg sits on a bench amidst deforested trees. Copyright: Disabled Landscapes

Unpacking 4 – Was wird entsammelt?
Nina Samuel und Felix Sattler sind Teil der Bauhaus Archiv Veranstaltungsreihe »Unpacking Jak R. Maier. Geerbt und ausgepackt – vom Wert der Dinge« am 24. Mai 2023

Unpacking Jak R. Maier. Copyright: Bauhaus Archiv

See - Anders(e)s Sehen
Cluster Professors Present their Research at Public Lecture Series at weißensee school of art and design berlin

Poster Lecture Series, May–June 2023. Copyright: weißensee school of art and design berlin

The Power of Water
New Dates for Workshops on Water as a Unique Element in Conservation in June

The power of water. Copyright: Johanna Hoffmann and Lisa Herold

Digitization of Indigenous Knowledge for Extended Reality and Culture
Report on Summer School 2023 at Borneo Cultures Museum, Kuching

Borneo Summer School 2023, Photo: Gary Loh Chee Wyai. Copyright: Jürgen Sieck/HTW Berlin

Driving the Human: Seven Prototypes for Eco-social Renewal
Book Launch with Hand-On-Workshops, Guided Tours, a Talk, and Debates at Matters of Activity

Driving the Human Book Launch at Matters of Activity, 10 May 2023. Copyright: Camille Blake / Driving the Human

Futures of Air
Speculative Workshop Series in May

Futures of Air. Copyright: CollActive Materials

Material Knowledge
MoA Members Contribute to New Event Series Organized by HZK/CARMAH

Poster Talk Series, HZK and CARMAH, 2023. Copyright: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Designing in Times of the Anthropocene
New Online Lecture Series Organized by MoA Co-Director Claudia Mareis Starts on 19 April

Poster Lecture Series »Designing in Times of the Anthropocene«, 2023. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Encounters & Fabulations at the Edges of the Human
Writing Workshop on 11 May with Anthropologist Stuart McLean

Visual Writing Workshop, Stuart McLean, May 2023. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé, Matters of Activity

Interdisziplinäre Ringvorlesung »Navigation«
Regula Burri und Maxime Le Calvé organisieren Vortragsreihe an der HafenCity Universität Hamburg

Visual Lectures Series »Navigation«, 2023. Copyright: Matters of Activity

More-than-Ethnographic Probes: On Scales, Design Anthropology and Sensory Practices Beyond-the-Human
Maxime Le Calvé Invited to Teach alongside Alice Jarry at Concordia University, Montreal

Maxime Le Calvé, Fieldwork Charité, 2022. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé, Matters of Activity.

DAOULA | sheen
West African Wild Silk on its Way

Exhibition Opening DAOULA | sheen, 17.11.2022, Tieranatomisches Theater Berlin. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Emile De Visscher Publishes in Recently Launched Image-Based Journal .able

Petrification, publication at .able Journal, 2023. Copyright: Emile De Visscher, Ophélie Maurus

A New Vision of Research-Creation
.able Journal Out Now – Join the Launch Week!

.able Journal, Going with the Flow, 2023, Image: Gisèle Trudel. Copyright: .able

Filters in Biology and Biomimetics (FiBB 2023)
A Conference Organized by Venkata A Surapaneni (City University of Hong Kong), Mason Dean and John Nyakatura

FiBB 2023. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Cluster Member Anna Schäffner Selected for VOJEXT S+T+ARTS Residency on Robotics

Anna Schäffner. Photo: Michelle Mantel

Clemens Winkler Has Been Appointed Visiting Professor »Digital Media« at Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch
In an Interview, He Presents Possible Synergetic Interfaces Between the Cluster and the Theater School
Radical Open-Access Graphic Fieldnotes for Media-Savvy Epistemic partners
Maxime Le Calvé Presented Paper at the Film Festival of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Sketch by Maxime Le Calvé, 2022, Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé, Matters for Activity

Stretching Materialities | Materiales en Expansión
Exhibition Opened at Universidad de Buenos Aires | Exposición Inaugurada en la Universidad de Buenos Aires

Exhibition »Materiales en Expansión«, Buenos Aires, March 2023. Structural Textile Project: Miodragović, Suarez, Singer, Object Space Agency; Complex Web Structures by Daniela Castillo. Copyright: Christian Stein

Tracing Tainted Environments: Legacies of Oranienburg
Workshop about Information Physicalization of Nuclear Cultural Heritage

Visual »Tracing Tainted Environments«, 2023. Copyright: Thomas Ness

Charlett Wenig Speaks at Interdisciplinary Conference

»The Bark Project«, Charlett Wenig. Copyright: Patrick Walter, MPIKG

»Museale Reste«
New Anthology Edited by Nina Samuel and Felix Sattler Focuses Museum Remnants

Cover Museale Reste, ed. by Nina Samuel and Felix Sattler, De Gruyter 2023. Copyright: De Gruyter

Stretching...Curation and ...Theory
New OSA Event Series Kicks Off on 6 and 7 March 2023

Poster OSA Talks. Links: Ester Fleckner: Woodbeds, brimming (more), 2020, Holzschnitt, Bleistift auf Papier, 143,0 x 109,0 cm, Kupferstichkabinett, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Copyright: Courtesy of the Artist und Galerie Barbara Wien, Berlin; Foto: Nick Ash | Rechts: bbildung 12a: »L’auteur«, Abb. II, Frontispiz. Gaston Bachelard und Albert Flocon, Châteaux en Espagne, Paris: Cercle Grolier, Lesamis du livre moderne 1957, hier Exemplar No. 72 (gedruckt für M. Henri Jaudon, auf Rives; gesamte Auflage 200), (S. 8, 19,5 x 14). Copyright: Marlene Militz

Filtering Oranienburg
Research Project Explores the History of the Town as a Radioactive Industrial Landscape

Incandescent mantle for Continental lamps -- artificial silk. BBWA U3/31 Auergesellschaft/MSA Germany, No. F/14.

Rethinking a Waste Product of the Timber Processing Industry
Adhesive-free Bark Panels

Schematic representation of the pressing process, right: ready pressed bark panels. Copyright: cc-by 4.0 PLOS ONE

Weaving with the Data Glove - From the Cocoon into the Computer and Back Again
Live-Demonstration and Press Tour in the Exhibition »DAOULA | sheen«

LEFT: DAOULA | sheen. West African Wild Silk on Its Way. Exhibition View in the Tieranatomisches Theater, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 2022. Copyright: Karola Dierichs | MoA; RIGHT: MoA Research Prototype 1 | Minimal Machines. Construction Process. Copyright: Sebastián Plaza Kutzbach | khb

Design Lab #13: Material Legacies
Exhibition at Kunstgewerbemuseum

Poster Material Legacies. Image: Dietrich Polenz and the Experimental Surgery Lab, 2020

Materials Matter – Perspectives on Active Materials
Audio Broadcast of the Panel Discussion at the Humboldt Lab Online Now

Panel Discussion Materials Matter, May 4th, 2022, Humboldt Lab. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Coding IxD (7) – Let's Get:PHYSICAL
From the Practice of Interdisciplinary Education: Making Data Tangible

Teaser Coding IxD (7), Let’s Get: Physical, 2023.

Architectures of Weaving
Multidisciplinary Anthology Bridging Architecture and Textile Out Now

Cover of »Architectures of Weaving«: »Stone Web«. Copyright: weißensee school of art and design berlin / Natascha Unger, Idalene Rapp

Scaling Matters: From the Lab to the Field
Doctoral Presentations at the MoA Retreat 2022

Poster PhD presentations 2022. Layout: Ada Favaron

Design, Gestaltung, Formatività. Philosophies of Making
A Central Cluster Publication Edited by Patricia Ribault Released

Design, Gestaltung, Formatività. Philosophies of Making. Copyright: Birkhäuser, 2022

Deep Material Futures
Exploring the Different Temporalities of Active Matter at MoA's Annual Conference, 16 November 2022

Annual Conference »Deep Material Futures« at silent green, November 2022. Copyright: Michelle Mantel

Round Table »On Fibers and Mixtures«
At Kunstgewerbemuseum on 23 February

Round Table »On Fibres amd Mixtures«. Foto: Michelle Mantel. Design: studioeins, adapted by »Matters of Activity«

Sketching Brains
An Ethnographic Participant Exhibition at the Neurosurgery Department of Charité in Berlin

Sketching brains. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé

»Tipping Points« Now Part of MoA Virtual Cluster Space
View Conference Contributions of MoA Annual Conference 2021 in 360° Knowledge Rooms Now!

Panel »Interdeterminacy and Liveliness« at MoA Annual Conference »Tipping Points« 2021. Copyright: Matters of Activity

What is our Future Made Of? Active Materials and Bio-Inspired Design
Episode 18 of the DFG Podcast Series »Exzellent Erklärt« Gives Insights Into Matters of Activity
Engage with Fungi
New Open Access Publication by Vera Meyer and Colleagues

Cover »Engange with Fungi«, Berlin Universities Publishing (BerlinUP)

Joining Perspectives on Haptics
Online Documentation of Interdisciplinary Cluster Workshop

Design Workshop. Copyright: Felix Rasehorn

Bioinspired Architectural and Architected Materials
Special Issue Edited by Cluster Members K. Razghandi, C. Sauer and P. Fratzl Out Now

Multiscale architectures. Left: the wooden tower of Lake Mjøsa, Norway Reproduced with permission from [1]. Copyright: Voll Arkitekter AS & Ricardo Foto. Right: the internal structure of wood based on parallel tube-like wood cells with diameters in the range of tens of microns (shown for several wood species from top to bottom). The white arrow points to a sketch where nanometer-thick cellulose fibrils are indicated by black lines [2] John Wiley & Sons. Copyright: 2020 The Authors. Published by Wiley-VCH GmbH

Launch of the Tessellation Archive
An Online Collection of Tiled Tissues and Architectures from Across the Natural World

Collection Overview - Tessellation Archive. Copyright: Felix Rasehorn

What are Futures Made of?
The Experimental Laboratory »CollActive Materials«

CollActive Materials Workshop. Copyright: CollActive Materials

Bacteria as Architects
Interview with Bastian Beyer and Skander Hathroubi

Still from Interview with Bastian Beyer and Skander Hathroubi showing the making of parts of the »Active Curtain Project« shown at the exhibition »After Nature« at Humboldt Lab. Copyright: Anne von Petersdorff (info@annevonpetersdorff.com) for Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Matters of Activity Film at Humboldt Lab
Cluster Video Online Now

All 7 Berlin Clusters of Excellence are represented with a film at the foyer at Humboldt Lab. Copyright: Matters of Activity, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Symbolic Material

Symbolic Material. Copyright: Myfanwy Evans, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo

Material Form Function

Copyright: Matters of Activity


Fiber tractography delineating the white matter of the brain. Copyright: Lucius Fekonja, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.

Object Space Agency

Flour Cloud. Copyright: Clemens Winkler, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo


Cellulose in E. coli biofilm. Copyright: Diego Serra & Regine Hengge, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.


Filters. Copyright: NODE Berlin Oslo