Professorship for Digital Neurosurgery
With 100 % Regular Working Time – W2 BBesG-ÜfBE. – Limited for 5 Years
Junior Professorship for Digital Surgery and Interdisciplinary Technology Research
With 100 % Regular Working Time – W1 BBesG-ÜfBE. – Limited for 3 Years, Possible Extension for a Further Three Year Period after Evaluation (Announcement in German)

Extra-Cellular Matrix Liver at Experimental Surgery Lab. Copyright: Igor Sauer

ExC Matters of Activity
@exc_moa, 10.7.2020
RT @LuciusFekonja: Our video work about the #adaptivedigitaltwin is finally being tested! The work shows different brain visualization moda…

Fiber tractography delineating the white matter of the brain. Copyright: Lucius Fekonja, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.

An Environment for Sustainable Research Software in Germany and Beyond
Preprint Published on the »Current State, Open Challenges, and Call for Action«
Object Space Agency

Flour Cloud. Copyright: Clemens Winkler, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo

Scaling Nature 1: Wrinkles Nominated for »Raumprobe Materialpreis 2020«
Audience Online Voting for Most Popular Material Now Open – Vote Now!

Design Studio »Scaling Nature (1): Wrinkels«, Liquid Lacquer, Design: Luis Magg. Copyright: weißensee school of art and design berlin

Playing Against the Crisis With »Singleton #WirBleibenZuHause«
Game Researchers from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Become Solution Enabler for »WirVsVirus«

Copyright: GameLab Berlin

ExC Matters of Activity
@exc_moa, 2.7.2020
@JohnNyakatura Congrulations, John!! 🥳
Closed but Open
Veterinary Anatomy Theater now Shows Exhibition »Meshwork of Things« Online

Corrosion preparation, vessels of the left hand (red plastic). Preparators: Klaws (Kiel) and Heuckendorf (Berlin), 2003. Collection of »Fächerverbund Anatomie der Charité Berlin«. Copyright: Veterinary Anatomy Theater (Tieranatomisches Theater)

Funding by European Research Council
Cluster Member Prof. Dr. Dr. Pulvermüller Received Funding for the Project »Material Constraints Enabling Human Cognition«
Spread Masks not the Virus
Support the Initiative @we_can_stop_corona

MoA Members wearing masks during the Corona crises. Copyright: »Matters of Activity«

Flatten the Curve
ExC Matters of Activity
@exc_moa, 30.6.2020
RT @IGL_Berlin: Interested in fast peer-review and broad visibility for you connectomics project? Go to fro.ntiers.i... for more in…
All Events Canceled until 20 July 2020
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Decides to Cancel All Its Events
Save the Date: MoA Annual Conference
The Annual Conference of the Cluster Will Take Place for All Members and External Guests
MoA Design Studio: Scaling Nature (2): Fibers, Muscles, Bones
Final Presentation at weißensee academy of art berlin

»Scaling Nature (2): Fibers, Muscles and Bones« Final Presentation. Copyright: weissensee academy of art berlin

Where Analog Solutions are More Efficient than Digital Ones
Interview with Peter Fratzl in Austrian »DerStandard«
Make It Real - Für Einen Strukturalen Realismus
Published by Karin Krauthausen and Stephan Kammer

Cover Make It Real. Copyright: Diaphanes

ExC Matters of Activity
@exc_moa, 29.6.2020
RT @Technologiepark: Science-Fiction zu #Science machen: Prof. Jürgen P. Rabe, Direktor des Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences…
On Activity
A Joint Symposium on Activity and Materiality

Symposium »On Activity«. Copyright: »Matters of Activity«

Nature as Source of Inspiration
The Innovation Potential of Bio-inspired Materials

Stone Web – Spatial module system made from basalt fibre at the weissensee academy of art berlin (Idalene Rapp, Natascha-Katharina Unger, Christiane Sauer). Copyright: weissensee academy of art berlin, I. Rapp, N. Unger


Unmaking: Against General Applicability
From Critical Media Lab (Ibach, M., Büsse, M., Gerloff, F., Bedö, V., Miyazaki, S., Allen, J.). In The Critical Makers Reader: (Un)learning Technology

Copyright: Institute of Network Cultures

TMS Language Mapping Analysis Revisited
A Preprint by Ziqian Wang, Lucius Samo Fekonja, Felix R. Dreyer, Peter Vajkoczy and Thomas Picht
ExC Matters of Activity
@exc_moa, 24.6.2020
RT @HumboldtUni: #Diversität an der #HumboldtUni - angesichts der weltweiten Proteste gegen Gewalt gegen schwarze Menschen und Polizeibruta…
Brain Roads
Exploring the White Matter of the Human Brain

The Human Connectome. Copyright: Olaf Avenati

Cultural Heritage - Documentation, Conservation & Information
Lectures from Prof. Stefano Bertocci und Julien Letellier

Copyright: Julien Letellier

Membranes as Molecular Machines
A workshop on Active Matter and the Remaking of Life

Images from slide collections, 1970s. Top: molecular models of retinal; center left: bleached purple membrane in cuvette; center right: chemically modified preparations of purple membrane in centrifuge tubes; bottom left: Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, 1974 (Copyright:; bottom right: electron micrograph of cell surface. By courtesy of D. Oesterhelt, Martinsried

MoA Design Studio: Scaling Nature (1): Wrinkles
at NuThinkers during Domotex Tradefair in Hanover

Design Studio »Scaling Nature (1): Wrinkels«, Design: Juni Neyenhuys and Stefanie Eichler. Copyright: weißensee kunsthochschule berlin 

Open Science Statement
ExC Matters of Activity
@exc_moa, 18.6.2020
RT @IOPPBio: #Bioinspired #Architectural and Architected Materials is a special issue in @BioinspBiomim guest edited by researchers from @M
Animal Materialities
Compositions and Practices in the History of Science
MoA Talks
John Nyakatura: The Anatomy of Movement and Nature's Design. Vertebrate Function, Evolution, and Scaling

Copyright: John Nyakatura

Material Form Function

Wrinkled E Coli Biofilm making cellulose. Copyright: Diego Serra & Regine Hengge, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.


Cellulose in E. coli biofilm. Copyright: Diego Serra & Regine Hengge, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.

ExC Matters of Activity
@exc_moa, 12.6.2020
At @ChariteBerlin the position of #Professor* of #Digital #Neurosurgery at the Clinic for Neurosurgery, directed by…

Filters. Copyright: NODE Berlin Oslo

Symbolic Material

Symbolic Material. Copyright: Myfanwy Evans, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo