Times of Waste – Handling Matter
Symposium Conceptualized and Curated by the Research Team »Times of Waste« at FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel, in Collaboration with MoA and Kunstgewerbemuseum

Banner »Times of Waste«. Copyright: Rory Witt

Architectures of Weaving
A Virtual Event Organized by the Project »Weaving«

Architectures of Weaving. Copyright: Xingwen Pan, weißensee school of art and design berlin; NODE Berlin Oslo

Ultratool – Why Calling it Phone?
Collaborative Studio Project with Students from the Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London, and weißensee school of art and design berlin

WEON prototype. Copyright: Netta Gigi, Harrison Tan, Fu Yitao, Jehyun Kim

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RT @HumboldtLabor: Wir öffnen! Am 20. Juli öffnet das Humboldt Forum und damit ebenfalls das #HumboldtLabor mit der Ausstellung "Nach der N…
On Gestaltung
New Online Lecture Series at weißensee school of art and design berlin

Circular processes and feedback loops in additive manufacturing processes, Babette Wiezorek 2016, porcelain, 3D printing (detail). Copyright: Babette Wiezorek 2016.

Matters of Activity at Humboldt Labor
Cluster Video Online Now

Still from »Matters of Activity« Film at Humboldt Labor. Copyright: Time Prints 2021

Talking Matters
Online Lecture Series of the Cluster of Excellence »Matters of Activity«

Poster Online Lecture Series »Talking Matters«, Copyright: Lucius Fekonja, Bastian Beyer, Iva Rešetar, adapted by NODE Berlin

Ferment-Activity Club
#3 Jumpstart Drinks: Kefir, Kvass and Dandelions

Water Kefir, Copyright: Antje Nestler

Interdependence of Structure and Function in Biological Materials
Peter Fratzl holds Lecture Series for an Interdisciplinary Audience at HU

Biological materials are built with a limited number of building blocks, based on polysaccharides, proteins, and minerals. Copyright: Julia Blumenthal 

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RT @Bio_Buildings: We can't wait to hear a stimulating talk from Dr. Bastian Beyer on his experience constructing with #bacteria and #texti
Student Assistant in the Project »Cutting« (m/f/d)
40h per Month, Limited until 31/12/2022 – MoA_05_2021 – Application Deadline 21 June 2021 – Start of Employment: August 2021

Collage, Paleontological Volume with One Point Perspective Grid. Copyright: Lucas Rodrigues

Situated Digital Agencies
Seminar Series between MoAs Doctoral Program and the Department of Digital and Experimental Design at UdK Berlin

Situated Digital Agencies. Copyright: Maxie Schneider

Integrative Computational Design for Architecture
Kick-Off Event of the new MoA Colloquia at weißensee school of art and design

Copyright: Roland Halbe

Student Assistant Wanted for Project »Filtering« – Apply until 25 June!

Semantic Encodings of YouTube Comments Clustered and Visualized in Two Dimensions. Copyright: Michael Tebbe

Can Bacteria Spin a Yarn? We Need a New Culture of Materials
Cluster Members Opened Event Series »MitWissenschaft/ WeSearch« at the Humboldt Forum

Can Bacteria Spin a Yarn? Kick-Off event »MitWissenschaft/ WeSearch«, Humboldt Forum Berlin, 29 April 2021. Copyright: Humbolt Forum

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We are looking forward to another inspiring lecture by our Co-Director and Director of @MpiciPotsdam Peter Fratzl,… twitter.com/...
The Event of a Fibre
Essay by Regine Hengge and Karin Krauthausen on the Occasion of the Exhibition »Hella Jongerius: Woven Cosmos« Published

Hella Jongerius, Woven Cosmos – Pliable Architecture (2021), Copyright: Hella Jongerius / VG Bild-Kunst 2021, Photo: Laura Fiorio.

Imagining the Heavens
Stefan Zieme's Article about Adam Elsheimer Published in the Journal for the History of Knowledge

Adam Elsheimer, The Flight into Egypt, 1609, oil on copper, 31 × 41 cm. Copyright: Alte Pinakothek, München.

Master Open Design
Cohort 2021-2023 Virtual Semester Kick-Off

Copyright: Ilkin Taşdelen, Ana Vila, Master Open Design

»Materialwissenschaft – von der Biomimese zur Bioinspiration«
Guest Article from Peter Fratzl in the »Austria Presse Agentur – Science«
Passivity Matters! Transience and Conservation Practices. Examples from the 18th Century until Today: A Talk by Nina Samuel

Berlin Museum of Medical History at Charité in 360° – Knowledge Room of MoA’s Virtual Cluster Space. Copyright: Matters of Activity

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RT @IWinnwa: Finally 🥳 Come see the contributions to the @HumboldtLabor by the Berlin Clusters of Excellence @scriptsberlin, @EXC2020, @ex
Cutting 2D Polyglycerols from 2D Graphitic Templates for Inhibition of Virals such as SARS‐CoV‐2
New Publication by Jürgen P. Rabe, Mohammad Fardin Gholami and Colleagues

Copyright: Mohammad Fardin Gholami, 2020

Joint Project of The Clusters of Excellence »Matters of Activity« and »Science of Intelligence«: Wenn Materie lebendig wird
New Funding for Experimental Laboratories of Science Communication from the Berlin University Alliance

Copyright: Felix Noak, ExC Science of Intelligence

Soft Fibrous Structures: Spatial Concepts for Cellulose Biofilms: A Talk by Bastian Beyer and Iva Rešetar

Bacterial Cellulose Environment in 360° – Knowledge room for the lecture »Soft Fibrous Structures: Spatial Concepts for Cellulose Biofilms«. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Natural Active Materials: A Talk by Peter Fratzl

MicroCT Laboratory at Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam in 360° – Knowledge Room of MoA’s Virtual Cluster Space. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Welcome to our Virtual Cluster Space

3D Anchor Room of Annual Conference. Design by Helen Galliker and Object Space Agency. Copyright: Matters of Activity

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Don't miss »the most beautiful and magnificent pictures a #naturalscientist can have«! (Quote Peter Fratzl, directo… twitter.com/...
Symbolic Material

Symbolic Material. Copyright: Myfanwy Evans, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo

Co-Director Peter Fratzl Receives Highest Award for an Engineer
Elected to United States National Academy of Engineering
Interactive and Personalized Museum App for Knowledge Representation
Implemented by gamelab.berlin in Collaboration With the Stiftung Humboldt Forum and as Part of the museum4punkt0 Initiative

»My Object« App. Copyright: gamelab.berlin

Biomaterials from Postdam for Charité Dentists
Cluster Member Cécile Bidan Receives Further Funding
Material Form Function

Copyright: Matters of Activity

ExC Matters of Activity
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Don't forget to join us tomorrow, 15 June, 4:15 pm, for the next round of our #lecture series #TalkingMatterstwitter.com/...
SOLO – Smart Organic Light Objects
Digital Exhibition at »Greenhouse 2021«

Vivian Tamm, Smart Organic Light Objects (SOLO). Copyright: Vivian Tamm / weißensee school of art and design berlin

Magic Circle
Symposium for Interdisciplinary Exchange on 25 February 2021

Magic Circle Symposium weissensee school of art and design berlin, »Erosive Modeling«. Copyright: Kristin Dolz.

»Hydroweave« at the Raumprobe Material Award 2020
The Work was Realized at weißensee school of art and design berlin Within the Framework of the MoA Design Studio

Hydroweave. Copyright: Stefanie Eichler & Juni Neyenhuys, weißensee school of art and design berlin

Designing Matter 1: From Filament To Fabric
Final Review at weißensee school of art and design berlin

Project: Lara Rocho, weißensee school of art and design berlin. Copyright: Dr. Mareike Stoll

Multimedia Encounters: Experimental Approaches to Ethnographic Research
Cluster Members Maxime Le Calvé and Yoonha Kim Contribute to Virtual Group Exhibition at UCL's Multimedia Anthropology Lab

»Many Virtual Hanboks: Traditional Korean Garment Provoking Alternative Ways of Being in This World«. Copyright: Yoonha Kim

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Our project »#Cutting« is looking for a #student assistant in the field of #ComputerScience to further develop the… twitter.com/...
Material Constraints Enabling Human Cognition »MatCo«
New Research Project at Freie Universität Berlin led by Cluster Member Friedemann Pulvermüller
New Funding Within Priority Program »Computational Connectomics« for Team of Charité Berlin and Members of »Cutting«
Creation of Personalized Models of the Brain of Tumor Patients

Connectome construction of a patient with a tumor in the speech-eloquent area of the brain.
The connection strengths of the white matter are shown as edges with a heat map (dark = weak connection, light = strong connection). The cortical areas of the brain and their size are illustrated as nodes in the form of spheres. Additionally, three orange TMS points are shown (TMS = Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). In this case, the patient’s speech network could be non-invasively disturbed in these areas and mapped accordingly.

The visualization of the white matter is based on tractography. The different directions of the white matter can be measured and displayed by means of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging. Copyright: Lucius Fekonja & Image Guidance Lab, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

The Analog in The Digital Age
Our Virtual Space was launched 11 November and Remains Open

Key Visual MoA Annual Conference. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Embodied Interaction (1) : HyperHaptics
Oscillating between Physical and Virtual Tactility

Embodied Interaction (1) : HyperHaptics. Oscillating between physical and virtual tactility. Copyright: Judith Glaser.

MoA Blog
Launch of a New Publishing Platform

Copyright: Matters of Activity

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We are already so excited that next Tue, 15 June, 4:15 pm, #materials scientist James Weaver from #Harvard will be… twitter.com/...
New Research Group »Adaptive Fibrous Materials«
Members Charlett Wenig and Johanna Hehemeyer-Cürten Were Awarded 2nd Place at Idea Competition of »Die Junge Akademie« for »The Bark Project«

»The Bark Project«, Charlett Wenig. Copyright: Patrick Walter, MPIKG

Exploring Filtering
A Short Project on the Filtering Process

Exploring Fitering. Copyright: Veronika Aumann, Thomas Ness

Matters of Writing
3rd Open Design – Academic Encounters Online

Matters of Writing. Copyright: Matters of Activity

The Human Liver Matrisome
Journal »Biomaterials« Accepted Paper by A. Daneshgar, O. Klein, G. Nebrich, M. Weinhart, P. Tang, A. Arnold, I. Ullah, J. Pohl, S. Moosburner, N. Raschzok, B. Strücker, M. Bahra, J. Pratschke, I.M. Sauer, and K.H. Hillebrandt

Biomaterials, Vol. 257, October 2020. Copyright: Elsevier

Open Science Statement
ExC Matters of Activity
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🕷️Tomorrow, Peter Fratzl, Director of @MpiciPotsdam will speak about »#Spider Cuticle as a Versatile #Toolbox« - we… twitter.com/...
TA Tour 360°
Veterinary Anatomy Theater (Tieranatomisches Theater) Now Accessable in Virtual 360°

TA Tour 360°. Copyright: Tieranatomisches Theater

Open Design
Academic Encounters Online

Open Design – Academic Encounters Online. Copyright: Matters of Activity


Fiber tractography delineating the white matter of the brain. Copyright: Lucius Fekonja, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.

Object Space Agency

Flour Cloud. Copyright: Clemens Winkler, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo

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The second round of our #lectureseries #TalkingMatters starts soon in about 20 minutes! Come join us to learn more… twitter.com/...
Where Analog Solutions are More Efficient than Digital Ones
Interview with Peter Fratzl in Austrian »DerStandard«
Nature as Source of Inspiration
The Innovation Potential of Bio-inspired Materials

Stone Web – Spatial module system made from basalt fibre at the weissensee academy of art berlin (Idalene Rapp, Natascha-Katharina Unger, Christiane Sauer). Copyright: weissensee academy of art berlin, I. Rapp, N. Unger



Cellulose in E. coli biofilm. Copyright: Diego Serra & Regine Hengge, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.


Filters. Copyright: NODE Berlin Oslo

ExC Matters of Activity
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Interested in #biomechanical #signatures of diseases and #medical imaging of soft body tissues? Then join our new… twitter.com/...