Between Body, Text and Image: Towards a Digital Atlas of Greco-Roman Anatomy
A Talk by Orly Lewis

»Dissection as a method of discovery« from the exhibition »The soul is an Octopus - Ancient Ideas of Life and the Body«. Copyright: Christoph Geiger

Save the Date: MoA Annual Conference
On May 14th, the Annual Conference of the Cluster Will Take Place for All Members and External Guests
Entity:City Exhibition at CityLAB
The Design Studio Project Invites to their Exhibition Opening

Copyright: weissensee school of art and design berlin

MoA Design Studio: Scaling Nature (2): Fibers, Muscles, Bones
Final Presentation at weissensee school of art and design berlin

Copyright: weissensee school of art and design berlin

On Activity
A Joint Symposium on Activity and Materiality

Symposium »On Activity«. Copyright: »Matters of Activity«

Nature as Source of Inspiration
The Innovation Potential of Bio-inspired Materials

Stone Web – Spatial module system made from basalt fibre at the weißensee school of art and design berlin (Idalene Rapp, Natascha-Katharina Unger, Christiane Sauer). Copyright: weißensee school of art & design berlin, I. Rapp, N. Unger.


Unmaking: Against General Applicability.
From Critical Media Lab (Ibach, M., Büsse, M., Gerloff, F., Bedö, V., Miyazaki, S., Allen, J.). In The Critical Makers Reader: (Un)learning Technology

Copyright: Institute of Network Cultures

TMS Language Mapping Analysis Revisited
A Preprint by Ziqian Wang, Lucius Samo Fekonja, Felix R. Dreyer, Peter Vajkoczy and Thomas Picht
Brain Roads
Exploring the White Matter of the Human Brain

Copyright: Olaf Avenati

Cultural Heritage - Documentation, Conservation & Information
Lectures from Prof. Stefano Bertocci und Julien Letellier

Copyright: Julien Letellier

Matters of Writing: How to Make the Text Write Itself
Immersive Workshop by Maxime Le Calvé on February 20th

Meditation as a matter of activity. Copyright: »Matters of Activity«

Membranes as Molecular Machines
A workshop on Active Matter and the Remaking of Life

Images from slide collections, 1970s. Top, molecular models of retinal; center left, bleached purple membrane in cuvette, center right: chemically modified preparations of purple membrane in centrifuge tubes, bottom left: Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, 1974 (© ); bottom right: electron micrograph of cell surface. By courtesy of D. Oesterhelt, Martinsried.

MoA Design Studio: Scaling Nature (1): Wrinkles
at NuThinkers during Domotex Tradefair in Hanover

Design Studio »Scaling Nature (1): Wrinkels«, Design: Juni Neyenhuys and Stefanie Eichler. Copyright: weißensee kunsthochschule berlin 

Open Science Statement
Interim Presentation
Animal Materialities
Compositions and Practices in the History of Science
MoA Talks
John Nyakatura: The Anatomy of Movement and Nature's Design. Vertebrate Function, Evolution, and Scaling

Copyright: John Nyakatura

Weaving in Different Disciplines
with Dr. Ellen Harlizius-Klück

The weaving/braiding robots are part of an experimental setting of the ERC group PENELOPE. Copyright: Karin Krauthausen.

MoA Talks
Interdisciplinary lecture series at weißensee academy of art berlin
Cluster Member Stefan Zieme Awarded the 2019 Adler-Mansfield Prize

Adler Planetarium Chicago. Copyright: James Willamor/ Creative Commons


Fiber tractography delineating the white matter of the brain. Copyright: Lucius Fekonja, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.

Object Space Agency

Flour Cloud. Copyright: Clemens Winkler, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo

Material Form Function

Wrinkled E Coli Biofilm making cellulose. Copyright: Diego Serra & Regine Hengge, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.


Cellulose in E. coli biofilm. Copyright: Diego Serra & Regine Hengge, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo.


Filters. Copyright: NODE Berlin Oslo

Symbolic Material

Symbolic Material. Copyright: Myfanwy Evans, adapted by NODE Berlin Oslo