16:00-18:00: Workshop: Interweaving Architectures of the Future with Fungi with Vera Meyer, Natalija Miodragović, Dimitra Almpani-Lekka and Alessandro Volpato
16:00-18:00: Guided Visit of the Gamelab and Testing of the VR-Experience »Stretching Materialities« (possible continuously)
16:00-18:00: Workshop: Designing with Waste with Paula Nerlich (Driving The Human - 7 projects: Human-Bacteria Interfaces) and Jessica Farmer (Matters of Activity)
16:30-17:15: Guided Visit of the Design Studio with Yoonha Kim
16:30-18:00: Workshop: The Backpack of Wings: Sensory Networks with Hyeseon Jeong and Seongmin Yuk
17:00-18:00: Workshop: Ferment-Activity Club: Sensing Ecologies of Care with Tempeh with Emma Sicher and Maxime Le Calvé (Matters of Activity)
17:15-18:00: Guided Visit of the Design Studio with Bastian Beyer
18:15-18:30: Opening
18:30-19:30: Public Talk
19:30-21:00: Speed Dating (Activation and Exchange with drinks and snacks)

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