Prototype / Model

La Liga de la Ciencia
Heidi Jalkh Presents her Research in Argentinian TV

Syntopia 1:Soma I Body. Roland Halbe

Cultures of Creation. »The Intelligence of Art« in Computational Design
Cluster Professor Karola Dierichs Holds Lecture at IntCDC on November 13

Prototyping Anholonomy. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Prototyping Anholonomy
Internal Workshop on 27–29 September

Unsteady Matter – Investigating Water-Based Design Pathways and 3D Printing Techniques for Hydrogel Composites. Copyright: Tairan (Aurora) Li, Daniel Suárez, Dr. Bastian Beyer

Unsteady Matter
Investigating Water-Based Design Pathways and 3D Printing Techniques for Hydrogel Composites

Driving the Human Book Launch at Matters of Activity, 10 May 2023. Copyright: Camille Blake / Driving the Human

Driving the Human: Seven Prototypes for Eco-social Renewal
Book Launch with Hand-On-Workshops, Guided Tours, a Talk, and Debates at Matters of Activity

LEFT: DAOULA | sheen. West African Wild Silk on Its Way. Exhibition View in the Tieranatomisches Theater, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 2022. Copyright: Karola Dierichs | MoA; RIGHT: MoA Research Prototype 1 | Minimal Machines. Construction Process. Copyright: Sebastián Plaza Kutzbach | khb

Weaving with the Data Glove - From the Cocoon into the Computer and Back Again
Live-Demonstration and Press Tour in the Exhibition »DAOULA | sheen«

Poster Talk Karin Krauthausen 2022. Copyright: ETH Zürich

Modell Hütte
Karin Krauthausen holds Lecture at the ETH Zürich

Thread model by Hermann Wiener of a cone of third order and genus 0. Copyright: Collection of Mathematical Models and Instruments at Georg-August-University Göttingen, all rights reserved

Model and Mathematics
Open Access Volume by Editors Michael Friedman and Karin Krauthausen Published Now

Cover »Modell Hütte«. Copyright: diaphanes Verlag

Anthology »Modell Hütte« Published
Contributions from the Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Design Approach the Hut as a Model

Poster Workshop »Material as Environmental Device«. Copyright: Kristina Pfeifer »detail woven skin of Kurdish black tent« & Cécile Bidan »detail of bacterial cellulose biofilm«

Material as Environmental Device
A Zoom Workshop on 10 September 2020