Speculative Design

Gestalten mit Cellulose, Wasser und Luft. Copyright: Eva Bullermann

Magic Machines aus Bio-Plastik
Nächster Open Lab Abend der Reihe »Materialzukünfte besuchen« im Futurium

Thermography shows the effect of shading and the influence of solar radiation on surface temperatures. Copyright: Maxie Schneider

Materialzukünfte besuchen: Smartes Material für überhitzte Städte
Workshop Series at Futurium

Gosia Lehmann, Breathless Choir. Copyright: CollActive Materials, Foto: Michelle Mantel

Bound through Air
A Report on the Exhibition »AIRBOUND. Sensing Collective Futures«

»Extracting the Surface« workshop at Tieranatomisches Theater during the stretching senses school, 2022. Copyright: Subterranean Matters

The Patchy Paths of the Stretching Senses School
Yoonha Kim and Maxime Le Calvé Reported at Conference of the Film Festival at the Royal Anthropological Institute

Poster: Scoring Perspectives for Speculative Ethnography

Scoring Perspectives for Speculative Ethnography
Workshops and Interactive Performance with Dorte Bjerre Jensen

Stretching senses school logo with a photo of mycelium growing on willow, 2022. Copyright: Natalija Miodragovic & Dimitra Almpani-Lekka, Biomaterials Lab TU Berlin and MoA, 2022

stretching senses school Workshop Series
at UdK »InKüLe – Innovationen für die künstlerische Lehre«

The Speculative Realities Lab. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé

The Speculative Realities Lab

Speaking, Dissipating, Transmitting. Copyright: Iva Rešetar and Clemens Winkler

Thresholds in Situ