Design of soft robots. Research on form, its deformation and possible function. Copyright: Anna Schaeffner

Cluster Members Anna Schaeffner and Rasa Weber Presented at Major Event on the Global Electronic Art Scene ISEA2023

Anna Schäffner. Photo: Michelle Mantel

Cluster Member Anna Schäffner Selected for VOJEXT S+T+ARTS Residency on Robotics

Poster PhD presentations 2022. Layout: Ada Favaron

Scaling Matters: From the Lab to the Field
Doctoral Presentations at the MoA Retreat 2022

Flyer »Meet the Scientist« at Mall Anders. Copyright: Mall Anders

Mastering Digital Cutting in Robot-Assisted Surgery
Dominic Eger Domingos Presents His Research at the Berlin Cluster of Excellence Event at Mall Anders
Robotic-Assisted Surgery