Doctoral Program

Fermentation preparation with Tanyaporn Tantasathien. Thailand 2024. Copyright: Emma Sicher

Generating Biomaterials By Acetic Fermentation
Emma Sicher Exchanged Knowledge with Researchers and Practitioners in Thailand

»Manheim Calling«, March 2024. Foto: Rahel Kesselring

›Scars Remind Us that our Past Is Real‹: A Queer Ecologies’ Attempt on Repair
Rahel Kesselring Gives Talk at University of Pittsburgh

Image in the background: Shubo (酒母), literally sake mother, is a starter culture that takes weeks to cultivate. Copyright: Maya Hey

On Human-Microbe Relations
Open Lecture and Workshop with Maya Hey

Case studies generated with software MidJourney

Artificial Intelligence for Bio & Growing Design Applications
MidJourney Workshop with Nicholas Rapagnani on 28 September 2023

Brochures, doctoral presentations 2023. Layout: Ada Favaron. Project coordination: Franziska Wegener

Doctoral Presentations on 27 June 2023

Design of soft robots. Research on form, its deformation and possible function. Copyright: Anna Schaeffner

Cluster Members Anna Schaeffner and Rasa Weber Presented at Major Event on the Global Electronic Art Scene ISEA2023

Design: NODE, adapted by Franziska Wegener

Find Your Science Communication Style
A Workshop Series for MoA PhDs and Postdocs

Anna Schäffner. Photo: Michelle Mantel

Cluster Member Anna Schäffner Selected for VOJEXT S+T+ARTS Residency on Robotics

MoA Diagram: Workshop Research Modules for the Creation, Cognition and Perception of Matter. Copyright: Franziska Wegener

Research Modules for the Creation, Cognition and Perception of Matter
Intensive PhD Workshop hosted by MoA

Poster PhD presentations 2022. Layout: Ada Favaron

Scaling Matters: From the Lab to the Field
Doctoral Presentations at the MoA Retreat 2022

Situated Digital Agencies. Copyright: Maxie Schneider

Situated Digital Agencies
Seminar Series between MoA's Doctoral Program and the Department of Digital and Experimental Design at UdK Berlin
Cluster Member Yoonha Kim at Field/Works Talk#9: »In Between Hanbok«
Talk Series Curated by Jen Clarke and Cluster Member Maxime Le Calvé
New Materialist Informatics Conference »Computing and Worldmaking«
Cluster Member Frank Bauer is Giving a Workshop, Hosted at the University of Kassel

Magic Circle Symposium weissensee school of art and design berlin, »Erosive Modeling«. Copyright: Kristin Dolz.

Magic Circle
Symposium for Interdisciplinary Exchange on 25 February 2021

Meditation as a matter of activity. Copyright: »Matters of Activity«

Matters of Writing: How to Make the Text Write Itself
Immersive Workshop by Maxime Le Calvé on February 20th

»Kiki Prototype«. Design: Rasa Weber, PhD Project: «SymbiOcean». Location: STARESO - Calvi (FR). Diver: Noémie Chabrier. Installation team, assistance and monitoring: Arnaud Boulenger, Sandra Bracun, Noemi Chabrier, Mélodie Chapat, Sylvain Coudray, Stéphane Jamme, Leonie John, Teal Jordan, Michael Karle, Mathieu Kelhetter (design intern), Michaela Roger, Bram van der Schoot, Kelly Stiver, Anja Wegner, Lena Wesenberg, Aubin Woehrel. Date: June 2023. SNF research project: «Interfacing the Ocean». Hosting University: Zurich University of the Arts & University of Art and Design Linz. Photo: Stéphane Jamme @stepp_aquanaute.

PhD Project Rasa Weber

Armchair, flamed birch wood with ivory and mother-of-pearl inlays, designed as part of a bedroom ensemble by Mackay Hughes Bailly Scott, made by the Dresdener Werkstätte für Handwerkskunst in 1903, Bröhan-Museum, Berlin.

(Hi)Stories of Transformation
Revaluating Pine Bark

Diagram of energy and material relationships and negotiations between the inside and the outside. Copyright: Dimitra Almpani-Lekka

Water-driven Membranes
Methods of Activating the Building Envelope for More-Than-Human Commoning

Tour through the abandoned city of Manheim with artist Silke Schatz and her art project »Manheim calling.« The town has been evacuated and demolished to make way for lignite mining close to »Hambacher Forst« in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Schatz’ ongoing art project is part of the investigation of Rahel’s PhD project »One Big Green Thought.« Image: Rahel Kesselring, March 2024.

›One Big Green Thought‹
Repair, Regeneration and Rewilding as Artistic Practices in Damaged Environments
Strategies of (Re-)Staging Process-Based Art by Otto Piene
within the Context of the 1960s

Physical damage on the tree due to beetles and fungus. Left: Bark beetle galleries and larvae under the bark of a spruce tree. Middle: Bark beetle galleries on the sapwood of a spruce tree. Right: Other insect holes and brown rot streaks on spruce wood. Pelin Asa, MPICI, 2023.

Building with Insect-damaged Timber
Reversible Components from Low-grade Wood

Hal Busse, o.T., 1958. Mixed media on hardboard, 40 x 49,5 cm. Photo by Marcus Schneider. Courtesy: Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin

Color in Space. Hal Busse's Work 1950-1960