Image: Matt Harrop, Creative Commons License, https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/4337398

Critical Times. Part II: Ecologies of Relation
Workshop 11 to 13 April 2024

Syntopia 0 – Anthropos I Human. Copyright: Roland Halbe

Syntopia 0 — Anthropos I Human
Karola Dierichs' Project Contributes to Exhibition and Symposium »Being Plastic/Becoming Plastic« at the University of Virginia

Intro, Excursion Filtering Oranienburg, 2023. Foto: Sybille Neumeyer.

Tracing Tainted Environments: Legacies of Oranienburg
Online Documentation of Interdisciplinary Cluster Workshop Available Now

Exhibition view »Closer to Nature. Building with Mushroom, Tree, Clay«, Berlinische Galerie. Copyright: Photo: Harry Schnitger

Closer to Nature
Experimental Building by SciArt Collective MY-CO-X on Show at Berlinische Galerie

Workshop participants discussing T.J. Demos  recent book »Against the Anthropocene: Visual Culture and Environment Today« with the author. »Critical Times« at »Matters of Activity«, 17 & 18 November 2023

Critical Times. Part I: Multiple Matter
Workshop with Contributions by T. J. Demos, Sandra Jasper, Kiran Pereira & David Weber-Krebs

Copyright: Jann Mausen

Radical Futurisms: Ecologies of Collapse / Chronopolitics / Justice-to-Come
Public Lecture by T. J. Demos as Part of »Critical Times. Part 1: Multiple Matter«

Leben machen. Die Zoëpolitik der synthetischen Biologie. Copyright: DeGruyter

Leben machen. Die Zoëpolitik der synthetischen Biologie
Publikation von Clustermitglied Martin Müller Open Access veröffentlicht

A refugee`s hut in the so called Jungle at Calais, France, October 2016. Copyright: Thomas Müller

The Hut
Emergent Structure and Structure of Emergence

Armchair, flamed birch wood with ivory and mother-of-pearl inlays, designed as part of a bedroom ensemble by Mackay Hughes Bailly Scott, made by the Dresdener Werkstätte für Handwerkskunst in 1903, Bröhan-Museum, Berlin.

(Hi)Stories of Transformation
›One Big Green Thought‹
Repair, Regeneration and Rewilding as Artistic Practices in Damaged Environments