Left: E. coli biofilm cross-section showing the internal fibrous matrix architecture. Copyright: Regine Hengge; Middle: Communal nest of wild silk cocoons of Anaphe/Epanaphe (West-Africa). Private Collection of Laurence Douny. Photo taken at the exhibition DAOULA | sheen. »West-African Wild Silk On Its Way« (at Tieranatomisches Theater in Berlin, 18 November 2022 to 30 June 2023) by Regine Hengge; Right: Michael Beutler: Shipyard, 57th International Art Exhibition: Biennale Arte 2017, Venice. Image: Karin Krauthausen

Selected Activities

Exhibition Opening DAOULA | sheen, 17.11.2022, Tieranatomisches Theater Berlin. Copyright: Matters of Activity

DAOULA | sheen
West African Wild Silk on its Way

Cover »Modell Hütte«. Copyright: diaphanes Verlag

Anthology »Modell Hütte« Published
Contributions from the Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Design Approach the Hut as a Model

MoA Project »Bacterial Cellulose: Co-Weaving Biofilms« at the Milano Triennale 2022. Copyright: Triennale Milano – photo by DSL Studio

Bacterial Cellulose: Co-Weaving Biofilms
An Installation for the Triennale XXIII: »Unknown Unknows, An Introduction to Mysteries«

Cover of »Architectures of Weaving«: »Stone Web«. Copyright: weißensee school of art and design berlin / Natascha Unger, Idalene Rapp

Multidisciplinary Anthology Architectures of Weaving
Now Open Access
Bacterial Weavings
Architectural Yarns
The Hut
Syntopic Architectures
Daoula | Sheen
Weaving and Mathematics
Narration als materielle Praxis?
Workshop mit MoA-Gastwissenschaftlerin Christiane Arndt und Karin Krauthausen
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