9.30–10.00 am
Peter A. Frensch: Greeting from the Vice President for Research of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Wolfgang Schäffner: Introduction to the Cluster »Matters of Activity«
Claudia Mareis: Truth to Materials: Entangled Histories of Design and Material Politics
Peter Fratzl: Natural Active Materials
12:00–1.25 pm
Jürgen Rabe: Matters of Free Energy and a Tesseract
Nina Samuel: Passivity Matters! Transience and Conservation Practices. Examples from the 18th Century until Today
1.45–2.45 pm
Lunch Break
2.50–4.20 pm
Horst Bredekamp: Die materielle Metaphysik des Filzes / The Material Metaphysics of Felt
Bastian Beyer & Iva Rešetar: Soft Fibrous Structures: Spatial Concepts for Cellulose Biofilms
4.45–6.35 pm
Myfanwy Evans & Regine Hengge: Buckling, Wrinkling and Folding: Microstructure, Active Matter Behaviour and Geometric Modelling of Bacterial Biofilms
Wolfgang Schäffner: Material Energy Information: Towards an Analog Code
6.45–7.15 pm
Live in Zoom: Highlights of the Day and Summary: Sharon Macdonald, Christiane Sauer & Matthias Staudacher