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Selected Activities

Annual Conference »Deep Material Futures« at silent green, November 2022. Copyright: Michelle Mantel

Deep Material Futures
Exploring the Different Temporalities of Active Matter at MoA's Annual Conference, 16 November 2022

»Material Trajectories. Designing with Care« Annual Conference of the Annual Conference of the German Society for Design Theory and Research (DGTF). Copyright: DGTF

Material Trajectories. Designing with Care
Annual Conference of the German Society for Design Theory and Research in Berlin on 6–8 May 2021

Tipping Points. Copyright: Josef Luis Pelz & NODE Berlin Oslo

Tipping Points: Plastic, Contingent and Unstable Matters
Annual Conference of the Cluster on 16 & 17 November

Key Visual MoA Annual Conference. Copyright: Matters of Activity

The Analog in The Digital Age
Our Virtual Space was launched 11 November and Remains Open
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