Beetle-infestation of Spruce, Feldbuch I Frankonia. Image: Pelin Asa, MPI-CI, MoA

Symbiotic Futures 1.0
Save the Date for Interdisciplinary Workshop at Berlinische Galerie

Copyright: Sistemas Materiales

Pioneering Publication on Biomaterials Launched in Buenos Aires

Charlett Wenig, Bark Sphere, 2021. Copyright: Alexander Magerl

Materialzukünfte besuchen
Matters of Activity und CollActive Materials starten Kooperation mit Futurium Lab

Exhibition view »Closer to Nature. Building with Mushroom, Tree, Clay«, Berlinische Galerie. Copyright: Photo: Harry Schnitger

Closer to Nature
Experimental Building by SciArt Collective MY-CO-X on Show at Berlinische Galerie
La Liga de la Ciencia
Heidi Jalkh Presents her Research in Argentinian TV

Myko.Plektonik - An Exploration of Fungal Growth on Structural Textiles. Copyright: Natalija Miodragović & Dimitra Almpani-Lekka, »Plektonik« group, Cluster of Excellence »Matters of Activity«. Assisted by MA Student Andrija Mihailovic. Supported by the Department of Applied and Molecular Microbiology at TU Berlin

Myko.Plektonik - An Exploration of Fungal Growth on Structural Textiles
Natalija Miodragović and Dimitra Almpani-Lekka Hold Lecture at My-Co Place

Fungi as Building Material. Copyright: Vera Meyer, MY-CO PLACE

MY-CO PLACE – Architecture of Sustainable Growth
Cluster Members Natalija Miodragović and Dimitra Almpani-Lekka Give Talk on Textile Architecture Associated with Mushrooms

Cover »Engange with Fungi«, Berlin Universities Publishing (BerlinUP)

Engage with Fungi
New Open Access Publication by Vera Meyer and Colleagues
Myko.Plektonik: Scaffold for Fungal Growth

Open Space Event, 9 November 2023. Copyright: Matters of Activity

MoA's Showroom and Workspace

Diagram of energy and material relationships and negotiations between the inside and the outside. Copyright: Dimitra Almpani-Lekka

Water-driven Membranes
Methods of Activating the Building Envelope for More-Than-Human Commoning