Film Still Building (with) Nature, 2023. Copyright: Michaela Büsse.

Building (with) Nature
Michaela Büsse Contributes to Film Screening & Discussion at Berlin Science Week 2023

Round Table »Poetics and Politics of Sand«. Design: studioeins, adapted by Matters of Activity

Round Table »Politics and Poetics of Sand«
On 9 February at Kunstgewerbemuseum

Poster Material Legacies. Image: Dietrich Polenz and the Experimental Surgery Lab, 2020

Design Lab #13: Material Legacies
Exhibition at Kunstgewerbemuseum

Michaela Büsse, Coastal Replenishment by Ahrenshoop, Baltic Sea. Copyright: Michaela Büsse

Materializing Futurity

Open Space Event, 9 November 2023. Copyright: Matters of Activity

MoA's Showroom and Workspace