Dis/Entangling Material Futures. Copyright: Claudia Mareis

25 April
Claudia Mareis: Introduction | Michaela Büsse: Granular Grammar
2 May
Zandi Sherman: Scanning and the Native Body: 100 Years of X-ray Technology at De Beers Diamond Mines
9 May
Sandra Jaspers: Wastelands as Experimental Fields
16 May
Heather Davis: Complicated Inheritances: Plastic
30 May
Sria Chatterjee: The Expanded Landscape: Histories and Futures
13 June
Astrida Neimanis: FEELed Work
20 June
Savannah Cox: Making Climate (In)visible: The Politics of Transparency in Climate-Changing Miami, Florida
27 June
Karin Pinkus: Disentangling Fuels from Energy
4 July
Susan Schuppli: Cold Matters
11 July
Dimitrij Mlekuž: Milk, a Matter of History
18 July
Stefanie Fishel: Viral Political Ecology: Possibilities for Living on a Complex Planet