Poster with bright colours and the title of the workshop »Site-Writing Technologies of Capture«

Site-Writing Technologies of Capture. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé

Site-Writing with Technologies of Capture
Two-Day Workshop and Installation on Mixed Reality Crafting at Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin

Syntopia 1—Soma I Body. Copyright: Karola Dierichs, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, weissensee academy of art and design and Matters of Activity

Minimal Machines
Paper Published on Augmented Reality (AR) Framework

Copyright: Nadezhda Moryak

Virtual Reality Memory Challenge: Are Your Senses Ready?
Presentation at the Long Night of the Sciences 2023

Borneo Summer School 2023, Photo: Gary Loh Chee Wyai. Copyright: Jürgen Sieck/HTW Berlin

Digitization of Indigenous Knowledge for Extended Reality and Culture
Report on Summer School 2023 at Borneo Cultures Museum, Kuching

Poster Workshop 3D Sketching, 2023, Image: Maxime Le Calvé. Copyright: Matters of Activity

How Can we Use 3D Sketching to Evolve Neuroanatomical Education?
Workshop at Charité on 13 April 2023

»Extracting the Surface« workshop at Tieranatomisches Theater during the stretching senses school, 2022. Copyright: Subterranean Matters

The Patchy Paths of the Stretching Senses School
Yoonha Kim and Maxime Le Calvé Reported at Conference of the Film Festival at the Royal Anthropological Institute

Exhibition »Materiales en Expansión«, Buenos Aires, March 2023. Structural Textile Project: Miodragović, Suarez, Singer, Object Space Agency; Complex Web Structures by Daniela Castillo. Copyright: Christian Stein

Stretching Materialities | Materiales en Expansión
Exhibition Opened at Universidad de Buenos Aires | Exposición Inaugurada en la Universidad de Buenos Aires

Film Poster. Copyright: Carly Lave

»PAAR« Movie Demo at Mercedes Benz Kino
VR Dance Film »Paar« Directed by Carly Lave, Supported by MoA

Rain-sheltered pathway at the University of Technology Sarawak, Sibu, 2022, Photo: Christian Kassung. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Digitisation of Indigenous Knowledge for Extended Reality and Cultural Heritage
Filtering Project Prepares DAAD Summer School in March 2023 at University of Technology Sarawak in Malaysia

Poster of the exhibition »Sprache im technischen Zeitalter«

Interactive VR Installation »Die Umgebung der Wörter - Ausstellung eines Romans«
Vernissage on 17 November within the Exhibition »Sprache im technischen Zeitalter«

Paar. Copyright: Gamelab Berlin

VR Dance Film »Paar« Accepted and Awarded into Several Global Festivals

Stretching senses school logo with a photo of mycelium growing on willow, 2022. Copyright: Natalija Miodragovic & Dimitra Almpani-Lekka, Biomaterials Lab TU Berlin and MoA, 2022

stretching senses school Workshop Series
at UdK »InKüLe – Innovationen für die künstlerische Lehre«

Interactive Slideshow. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvè, Mareike Stoll and Dionysios Zamplaras

VR Installation »Immersive Slideshow« Invited to be Presented as Part of the Best Practice Exhibition of SPUR.lab
Cluster Members Maxime Le Calvé and Mareike Stoll Present their Work from September 28th until October 20th at HBPG Potsdam

Poster PhD presentations 2022. Layout: Ada Favaron

Scaling Matters: From the Lab to the Field
Doctoral Presentations at the MoA Retreat 2022

MoA Exhibition »Stretching Materialities«. Copyright: Offshore Design

Exhibition »Stretching Materialities«
Hidden Activities in Objects and Spaces at Tieranatomisches Theater
Sensing Knife
Virtual Dissection

The Speculative Realities Lab. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé

The Speculative Realities Lab

Subterranean Matters, by Baris Pekcagliyan, Warja Rybakova, Nayeli Vega, Paulina Greta, stretching senses school. Copyright: Matters of Activity

stretching senses school

A young XR enthusiast in the museum – using a VR headset modification with gesture recognition and stereo camera. Copyright: Christian Stein

Immersive Museum Space

VR Film »Paar«. Copyrigth: Christian Stein & Carly Lave