Poster with bright colours and the title of the workshop »Site-Writing Technologies of Capture«

Site-Writing Technologies of Capture. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé

Site-Writing with Technologies of Capture
Two-Day Workshop and Installation on Mixed Reality Crafting at Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin

Schematic illustration of constraints for making neural networks more similar to real brains: The models can be used as tools to predict and/or explain behavior and brain activity patterns. The brain area and connectivity diagram on the right has been kindly provided by Rosario Tomasello and the local circuit diagram in the middle is reprinted, with permission, from Schmidt et al. 2018.

Exploring the Brain Basis of Concepts by Using a New Type of Neural Networks
Friedemann Pulvermüller and his Team Publish Study on Causal Effects of Language on Thought
Brain Networks and Plasticity
Hugues Duffault Holds Lecture at Charité

Brainroads. Copyright: Lene Zech

Brain Roads
Exploring Neuroplasticity through Art and Science

Image of the cortical ends of the white matter of the human brain, created in the »Matters of Activity« Cluster of Excellence. Copyright: MoA/Lucius Fekonja

What is the Association Between White Brain Matter Tract Density and Patients’ Overall Survival with an Aggressive Brain Tumor (Glioblastoma)?

Copyright: Nadezhda Moryak

Virtual Reality Memory Challenge: Are Your Senses Ready?
Presentation at the Long Night of the Sciences 2023
Brain-constrained Neural Modeling Explains Fast Mapping of Words to Meaning
New Publication by Cluster Members Rosario Tomasello and Friedemann Pulvermüller

Exemplary visualization of the arcuate fasciculus. Copyright: Reisch, Böttcher, Tuncer, Schneider, Vajkoczy, Picht and Fekonja

Innovative TMS-Method for Studies of the Brain's Language Network
Results of the Study Now Published on Pubmed

Sketching brains. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé

Sketching Brains
An Ethnographic Participant Exhibition at the Neurosurgery Department of Charité in Berlin

Tagesspiegel Special Neurology: Copyright: Tagesspiegel

What the Material Tells Us
Cutting Portrayed in Tagesspiegel Special Neurology
Adaptive Digital Twin
Sensing Knife

Mapping of shear wave speed as surrogate of stiffness in abdominal organs based on tomoelastography compared with conventional imaging such as T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and T1-weighted MRI and computed tomography. Copyright: Ingolf Sack


Investigation of Brain’s Structure-Function Relationship in Glioma Patients using MRE

From Brain Matter to Cognitive Function. Copyright: Rosario Tomasello

Material Basis of Symbols
Brain Roads

The Speculative Realities Lab. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé

The Speculative Realities Lab

Dissect event, Tieranatomisches Theater, 02.11.22, Cluster of Excellence »Matters of Activity« | Joffrey Becker, Maaike Bleeker, Samuel Bianchini, Horst Bredekamp, Johann Habakuk Israel, Thomas Picht, Margrit Shildrick, Patricia Ribault. Copyright: Samuel Bianchini

Behavioral Matter