Non-trivial music instrument at Boch Digital Vorspiel, 2 February 2024. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé

Absolute Relativity
Workshop and Participatory Concert

Nervous Listening Hands-On Workshop. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Nervous Listening: Neuroceptive Ethnographies of Atmospheres
Workshop and Lecture with Marina Peterson

Copyright: Nadezhda Moryak

Virtual Reality Memory Challenge: Are Your Senses Ready?
Presentation at the Long Night of the Sciences 2023

Poster PhD presentations 2022. Layout: Ada Favaron

Scaling Matters: From the Lab to the Field
Doctoral Presentations at the MoA Retreat 2022

Joining Perspectives on Haptics - Design Workshop Filtering 2022. Foto: Felix Rasehorn

Joining Perspectives on Haptics
Online Documentation of Interdisciplinary Cluster Workshop

Foto: Lena Dues. Design: NODE Berlin Oslo

About Microbes, Stones and Orbits – Thoughts on Haptic Knowledge, Circulating Narratives, and Transitions Between the Organic and the Inorganic
Performance, Conversation, Lecture in the Exhibition »Stretching Materialities«

Embodied Interaction (1) : HyperHaptics. Oscillating between physical and virtual tactility. Copyright: Judith Glaser.

Embodied Interaction (1) : HyperHaptics
Oscillating between Physical and Virtual Tactility
Virtual Dissection