Bi-Leaf - Morphology of a Movement, Antonia Dönitz, Master Thesis Textile and Material Design, 2024. Image Copyright: Antonia Dönitz / weißensee school of art and design

Open House 2024 at Weißensee School of Art and Design
Student Projects On View in Collaboration with »Matters of Activity«

Copyright: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Kunstgewerbemuseum / Gestaltung: cyan Berlin

Knitting of Crafted Things: Digitizing Worlds in Textile Networks
More than Human Sketching 2

Detail Poster Weaving Study Day, Material Culture Forum, 11 June 2024. Copyright: University of Cambridge

Textile Thinking for the Future
Christiane Sauer Contributes to Weaving Study Day in Cambridge

Poster Lecture Series 2024, Photo: Charlotte Linton. Copyright: Matters of Activity.

Cultures of Regeneration
On 11 July, David Jeevendrampillai Speaks about Extra-Terrestrial Anthropology: Design Thinking for a Post-Planetary Social Life

Charlett Wenig, Bark Sphere, 2021. Copyright: Alexander Magerl

Materialzukünfte besuchen
Matters of Activity und CollActive Materials starten Kooperation mit Futurium Lab

Copyright: Matters of Activity

Texture, Weaving and Natural Philosophy in the 17th Century
Michael Friedman Presents 1st Transcription, Translation and Study of Jungius' Unpublished Manuscript »Texturæ Contemplatio«

Exhibition view »Closer to Nature. Building with Mushroom, Tree, Clay«, Berlinische Galerie. Copyright: Photo: Harry Schnitger

Closer to Nature
Experimental Building by SciArt Collective MY-CO-X on Show at Berlinische Galerie

»Yu Li, a diary of cooking a curtain« by Tin Qizhen Gao, detail of curtain. Copyright: Mareike Stoll for MoA Design Research Studio Beyond the Curtain

BEYOND THE CURTAIN. Creating Transient Environments
Documentation of the Final Presentations and Exhibition

Plektonik Structural Textiles column – continuous wooden ›Active Yarns‹ 40 mm diameter loops. Copyright: Daniel Suárez & Natalija Miodragović

Design for Rethinking Resources
Cluster Members Beyer, Miodragović, Mossé and Suárez Publish in Proceedings of the UIA World Congress of Architects Copenhagen 2023

Poster Talk Series, HZK and CARMAH, 2023. Copyright: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Material Knowledge
MoA Members Contribute to New Event Series Organized by HZK/CARMAH

Self-Shaping Textiles. Design: studioeins

Round Table »Self-Shaping Textiles at the Intersection of Fashion, Architecture and Technology«
On 24 November at Kunstgewerbemuseum

Poster Material Legacies. Image: Dietrich Polenz and the Experimental Surgery Lab, 2020

Design Lab #13: Material Legacies
Exhibition at Kunstgewerbemuseum

Poster PhD presentations 2022. Layout: Ada Favaron

Scaling Matters: From the Lab to the Field
Doctoral Presentations at the MoA Retreat 2022

MoA Exhibition »Stretching Materialities«. Copyright: Offshore Design

Exhibition »Stretching Materialities«
Hidden Activities in Objects and Spaces at Tieranatomisches Theater

Magic Circle Symposium weissensee school of art and design berlin, »Erosive Modeling«. Copyright: Kristin Dolz.

Magic Circle
Symposium for Interdisciplinary Exchange on 25 February 2021

Hydroweave. Copyright: Stefanie Eichler & Juni Neyenhuys, weißensee school of art and design berlin

»Hydroweave« at the Raumprobe Material Award 2020
The Work was Realized at weißensee school of art and design berlin Within the Framework of the MoA Design Studio

Poster Weaving Practices, Copyright: Matters of Activity

Weaving Practices – An Exploration into the Materials, Techniques and Design of Fabrics
An Online Workshop on 29 October 2020

Design Studio »Scaling Nature (1): Wrinkels«, Design: Juni Neyenhuys and Stefanie Eichler. Copyright: weißensee kunsthochschule berlin 

MoA Design Studio: Scaling Nature (1): Wrinkles
at NuThinkers during Domotex Tradefair in Hanover

»Architectural Yarns«. Photo: Michelle Mantel. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Architectural Yarns

Wild silk wrapper from the Marka Dafing in Safané, Burkina Faso (showing the sheen). Video still from the film installation at the exhibition »DAOULA | Sheen. West-African Wild Silk On Its Way« (Tieranatomisches Theater Berlin). Film installation by Thabo Thindi with film material from Salif Sawadog and others.

Daoula | Sheen
West-African Textile Craft Meets European Science and Design

Schematic drawing of a part of a warping board. Source: Joachim Jungius, »Texturæ Contemplatio«, fol. 55r; in: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek – Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek, Martin Fogel collection of Zettelkasten, folder: Ms XLII, 1923: delta 28 © Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek - Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek; Public Domain.

Weaving and Mathematics: An Impossible Interlacing?

Open Space Event, 9 November 2023. Copyright: Matters of Activity

MoA's Showroom and Workspace