Collactive Materials

Mykoplektonik by Natalija Miodragović and Dimitra Almpani-Lekka. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Growing Architecture - Co-Designing with Fungi
Last Open Lab Evening of the Series »Visiting Material Futures« at the Futurium

Gestalten mit Cellulose, Wasser und Luft. Copyright: Eva Bullermann

Magic Machines aus Bio-Plastik
Nächster Open Lab Abend der Reihe »Materialzukünfte besuchen« im Futurium

Ausstellung »Visiting Material Futures«, Futurium 2024. Copyright: David von Becker

Visiting Material Futures
Pop-up Exhibition at Futurium

Thermography shows the effect of shading and the influence of solar radiation on surface temperatures. Copyright: Maxie Schneider

Materialzukünfte besuchen: Smartes Material für überhitzte Städte
Workshop Series at Futurium

Charlett Wenig, Bark Sphere, 2021. Copyright: Alexander Magerl

Materialzukünfte besuchen
Matters of Activity und CollActive Materials starten Kooperation mit Futurium Lab

Interview mit Martin Müller, Tagesspiegel, 22. Oktober 2023. Copyright: Tagesspiegel

»An der Luft entscheidet sich die Klimakrise«
Martin Müller im Interview mit dem Tagesspiegel

Gosia Lehmann, Breathless Choir. Copyright: CollActive Materials, Foto: Michelle Mantel

Bound through Air
A Report on the Exhibition »AIRBOUND. Sensing Collective Futures«

Exhibition Opening »Airbound«, 19 October 2023. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Airbound. Sensing Collective Futures
Speculative Exhibition by the »CollActive Materials« Experimental Laboratory

Hybride Formen. Copyright: Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch

Hybrid Forms
A Participative, Artistic-Research Theater Piece of the Master's Program »Spiel und Objekt«, Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, Taught by Clemens Winkler

Futures of Air. Copyright: CollActive Materials

Futures of Air
Speculative Workshop Series in May

Design: NODE, adapted by Franziska Wegener

Find Your Science Communication Style
A Workshop Series for MoA PhDs and Postdocs

Dissect event, »Behavioral Matter« symposium, 29/03/2019 © Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris)

Berlin Science Week 2022
MoA Involved with Several Events

Flyer CollActive Materials at Mall Anders. Copyright: CollActive Materials

CollActive Materials at Mall Anders
Join the Pop-up Materials Lab in Wilma Shopping Mall on May 20th and 21st and Bring your Kids!

Copyright: Felix Noak, ExC Science of Intelligence

Joint Project of The Clusters of Excellence »Matters of Activity« and »Science of Intelligence«: Wenn Materie lebendig wird
New Funding for Experimental Laboratories of Science Communication from the Berlin University Alliance