Opening event »Materials Legacies« on November 3, 2022 in the Kunstgewerbemuseum. Copyright: Franziska Wegener, Matters of Activity 2022

17 November | Curators' Tour
20 November | Guided Tour with Helen Pinto
24 November | Round Table »Self-Shaping Textiles at the Intersection of Fashion, Architecture and Technology«
8 December | Round Table »Tesselated Materials Systems«
15 December | Round Table »On the Fabrication of Organs: Vascular Structures, Medical Needs and Critical Speculations«
17 December | Guided Tour with Emile de Visscher
22 January | Guided Tour with Charlett Wenig
15 February | Guided Tour with Michaela Büsse

Poster Material Legacies. Image: Dietrich Polenz and the Experimental Surgery Lab, 2020