The stone vitrine with the Haptic Box and the Hands-On Table. Copyright: Michelle Mantel

How does matter store time? Morphologies of Time. Copyright: Michelle Mantel

How does matter store time? Colors of Weathering. Copyright: Michelle Mantel

No Decay Without Growth- Copyright: Michelle Mantel 

Anthropogenic Soils and Rocks. Soils from Berlin. Copyright: Michelle Mantel

Anthropogenic Soils and Rocks. Slags from Medieval Ages. Copyright: Michelle Mantel 

Prof. Dr. Rochus Blaschke (1930-2019): Scanning electron micrographs of weathering processes, 1980s. Copyright: Estefania Ehresmann and Reinhild Blaschke 


Lena Dues: Auturgy of Carbamide, 2022. Glas cylinders, petri dish, saturated carbamide solution. Copyright: Nina Samuel


The Haptic Box explored by a visitor. Design of the Box: Colin Marc. Copyright: Michelle Mantel 


Still from »Geological Performers«, VR experience of Studio Above & Below, 2021. Copyright: Studio Above & Below

3D printed stone from exhibition as activation tool for VR experience. Copyright: Michelle Mantel