Extracellular matrix. Experiments by Emile De Visscher, 2020. Credits and copyright: Experimental Surgery, Charité.

Human-plant encounters. Decellularized flower petals adhering to the human skin (left). Decellularized leaf with retained three-dimensional architecture and vascularization (right). Experiments by Assal Daneshgar, Maja Avnat and Iva Rešetar with Igor Sauer at the Experimental Surgery, Charité, 2023. Photography: Michelle Mantel. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Concept of decellularization and subsequent recellularization of the matrisome with cells and further disintegration and use in biocompatible inks or cell-containing bioinks for 3D bioprinting. Copyright: Igor Sauer, Experimental Surgery, Charité.

Partial discharge in PMMA blocks, conducted at LSI Lab, École Polytechnique, with support from EMIR research network. Part of the Vascularization experiments of Emile De Visscher, 2020. Copyright: Palta Studio.

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