The struggle for the best ideas is also a social survival strategy, believes the design researcher Claudia Mareis. Her ideas are changing how we view design. | Image: Kostas Maros / 13Photo. Copyright: Horizons

All is Design
Interview with Claudia Mareis in »Horizons – The Swiss Research Magazine«

Schematic illustration of constraints for making neural networks more similar to real brains: The models can be used as tools to predict and/or explain behavior and brain activity patterns. The brain area and connectivity diagram on the right has been kindly provided by Rosario Tomasello and the local circuit diagram in the middle is reprinted, with permission, from Schmidt et al. 2018.

Exploring the Brain Basis of Concepts by Using a New Type of Neural Networks
Friedemann Pulvermüller and his Team Publish Study on Causal Effects of Language on Thought

Frontispiz der Scienza Nuova von Giambattista Vico, Neapel 1730. Entwurf Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, umgesetzt von Antonio Baldi

Aus dem Dunkel des wilden Denkens ins milde Licht der Vernunft
Podiumsdiskussion zu Giambattista Vico mit Sabine Marienberg und Jürgen Trabant

Conference Poster »Landwirtschaft und Literatur«, July 2023, photo »Weizenernte bei Eldagsen« by Michael Gäbler, 2013, and Anonymus: »Lesende Frau«, around 1950, from Cornelia Brink: Fotogeschichte. Beiträge zur Geschichte und Ästhetik der Fotografie, Nr. 98, 2005, p. 7; adapted by Node. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Landwirtschaft und Literatur
Internationale Tagung organisiert von MoA-Mitgliedern Stephan Kammer und Karin Krauthausen

Visual Writing Workshop, Stuart McLean, May 2023. Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé, Matters of Activity

Encounters & Fabulations at the Edges of the Human
Writing Workshop on 11 May with Anthropologist Stuart McLean

Sketch by Maxime Le Calvé, 2022, Copyright: Maxime Le Calvé, Matters for Activity

Radical Open-Access Graphic Fieldnotes for Media-Savvy Epistemic partners
Maxime Le Calvé Presented Paper at the Film Festival of the Royal Anthropological Institute
Writing in Movement, Writing and Movement. Reflections on Paul Valéry
Karin Krauthausen Gives Guest Lecture in Graz

Cover Make It Real. Copyright: Diaphanes

Make It Real - Für Einen Strukturalen Realismus
Published by Karin Krauthausen and Stephan Kammer

Schematic drawing of a part of a warping board. Source: Joachim Jungius, »Texturæ Contemplatio«, fol. 55r; in: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek – Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek, Martin Fogel collection of Zettelkasten, folder: Ms XLII, 1923: delta 28 © Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek - Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek; Public Domain.

Weaving and Mathematics: An Impossible Interlacing?