Artist Talk: About Clouds, Robots and the Sea – Thoughts on the Aesthetics of Metabolic Formations, Biodiversity and New Ecologies in Art and Design. Copyright: Matters of Activity

Anne Duk Hee Jordan, »Making Kin 3.0«, 2021, KIOSK, Ghent, Belgium. Site specific Installation, with works included »Atmospheres of Breathing«, 2020-2021, »Singing Saw«, 2018, »I am so ashamed«, 2020, »Staying with the trouble«, 2019. Curated by Simon Delobel. Photo: Paulius Sliaupa

Clemens Winkler, Enveloping Atmospheres 2021/22, Exhibition »Stretching Materialities. Hidden Activities in Objects and Spaces« at TA T, Berlin. Photo: Michelle Mantel